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Products For Analysis Of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


Electronic Switch EQ/IC04

    • Electronic Switch EQ/IC 04 could generate short Interruptions on the power supply of automotive ECUs.
    • Complies to Renault 36- 00-808/–G EQ/IC 04 or Nissan 28401NDS02 EQ/IC 04 (micro-interruptions)
    • Simulation of bouncing contacts (ACC switch, relais, loose contacts) in supply lines of DUT
    • Rise- and fall times below  1us
    • Continous current rating 15A, 30A for 100ms
    • Pulse generation by external square wave generator (50 Ohm BNC input)

Datenblatt (PDF) (Datasheet only in german language)

artificial mains network LISN-20A

    • Single path unsymmetrical AMN
    • Features ISO 7637-2 and CISPR 25 (up to 100MHz)
    • 50 Ohm termination by included BNC terminator
    • Schaltbares RC Eingangsfilter über mitgelieferte Steckbrücke
    • Solid metal case,  dimensions  170x100x60mm
    • Inductor resistance aproximatly 12 mOhm
    • Continous current rating 20A, 25A peak
    • Connector for calibration avialable