Software development

Microcontroller software for e.g.
Atmel AVR, Infineon, Motorola/Freescale, NXP (68HC05, 68HC08, 8051, XC166, Z80, 6502, HCS08, HCS12)

Programming in C and Assembler
CAN-Bus (J1939, FireCAN, CAN Open)
Low-Cost CAN-Node (electronic hand throttle potentiometer)
Power window controller OEM: Hardware development, EMC inspection manual, EMC evaluation
Road roller dashboard controller
Airport crash tender monitor controller (24V electrical supply system)
Pneumatics controller for coach trunk lid (24V electrical supply system)
Controller for electrohydraulic passenger door (12V 20A)
Generator regulator (LIN/BSS hybrid technology)
In-Circuit-Programming, Flash-Tools, Bootloader
Development and production for CAN (UDS, ISO-TP), LIN Bus, serial
Automobile control units
Fixed and mobile measuring instruments
Development of specific OS environments for microcontrollers
Graphical print output for measuring equipment
Code optimized to specific ROM size

 Hardware development

Hardware environments for microcontrollers in difficult environments, such as automotive, aerospace, marine, defense
Tools for microcontroller development, evaluation boards for CAN and LIN
Programmers for microcontrollers
Audio technology, e.g. full range class-d amplifiers for an emergency warning system E100 according to EN60849/EN54-16

Measuring and testing equipment

Analog value processing
Handheld measuring device for hydraulics diagnostics
Digital Hydraulics pressure sensor/switch

Test station with needle bed adapter
General electronics
Special hardware for supporting your manufacturing/development processes
Circuit board development

Make-to-stock/volume production

Testboards for evaluation, chip testing and software development

Ultra fast development: Let your ideas become reality fast and receive up to 50 volume production samples in only four weeks!

Testing of hard- and firmware
Support for establishing manufacturing testing stations