LIN Tools

Reliable, affordable tools for professional LIN bus applications.

LIN Link

    • Ultimate tool for LIN bus applications
    • Allows monitoring/logging of LIN Bus communication
    • Configurable LIN Master
    • Standalone LIN Master mode possible
    • 3-pin IDC connector on the LIN side
    • Galvanic isolation of LIN and USB

We offer customer specific modifications for special purposes such as
error simulation, divergent timings, etc. – please contact us.


  • Level converter for serial (RS232) to LIN conversion
  • Power supplied by LIN connector (no additional power supply needed)
  • Also available with “automatic power down”




Evalboard EB08QL / LIN


    • Demoboard for Freescale HC908QL controllers
    • Integrated voltage regulator
    • H-Bridge (Freescale MC33386 or MC33387) for controlling DC motors
    • 2 Buttons, terminal strip for all controller ports and breadboard/SMD field for your own circuits Schaltungen
    • Simple connector for H-bridge, voltage supply and LIN Bus via screw terminals
    • 10-pin IDC connector (ISP10) for in-circuit programmning with out programming/monitor mode Interfaces.

User documentation (PDF)