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uC Link BDM Standalone

In-Circuit programming interface for Freescale (Motorola) HCS08 & HC12 microcontrollers

  • Speed-optimized in-circuit programming of flash memory and EEPROM
  • Standalone or TTL interface
  • Configuration and firmware upgrades possible via USB
  • 2-color LED for easy viewing of status information
  • Excellent FTDI driver support
  • Supports HCS8RN8/RN16 microcontrollers as well

Monitormode Interface

In-Circuit programming and debug interface for Freescale (Motorola) HC08 microcontrollers

  • Speed-optimized in-circuit-programming of flash memory and EEPROM
  • Perfect for development and production environments
  • Universal interfaces for deployment in automated processes (32-bit .exe)
  • User friendly WIN32 interface (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
  • MON4-MON8 High/Low adjustable via software
  • Suitable for the Nitron (HC908QT / HC908QY) family, especally for trimming of the internal oscillator
  • Integrated clock generator for HC08 variants with RC-oscillator, clock quartz or internal oscillator
  • Supports low voltage derivates with 2..5V
  • Also suitable for in-circuit-debugging with monitor mode debuggers (Cosmic, P & E bzw. Metrowerks)
  • Supports all debug features (break-interrupt, reset on DTR-edge, automatic power-on-reset via relay)
  • All features (programming/debugging) are available using the same wiring
  • You can choose between two target connectors: 10-pin EB08, 16-pin P & E Cyclone compatible
  • EB08 QY as programming interface for Nitron
  • Further information:

Product data sheet (PDF)

User documentation (PDF)

Debuginterface BDMIF-LC

In-circuit programmer for Freescale (Motorola) HCS08 and HCS12 microcontrollers

  • Speed optimized In-Circuit-Programming of flash-memory and EEPROM
  • Suitable for development and production
  • Universal programming interfaces for use with automated test systems (call as independently running 32-bit .exe)
  • 9-pin D-SUB (female) to connect to PC serial port
  • User friendly GUI for WIN32 (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
  • Flexible adaption to different target configurations
  • Setting of Flash block protect register
  • Optional insertion of date and serial number into flash data
  • Supports low voltage derivatives (2,5..5V) with flexible configuration of target supply voltages by DIP switch

Supported controllers (please contact us if your requirement is not listed)

    • MC9S08AW60, -AW48, AW30
    • MC9S08GB32, -GB60
    • MC9S08GT16, -GT32, -GT60

User documentation (PDF)